Learn to Create using Advanced Oil Painting Techniques

It's much easier than you think. In fact, it's easier to paint with advanced techniques than it is to suffer with what you've already been taught -  you'll see an immediate boost in the quality of your artwork, and begin making much bigger sales.  If you are starting out, and haven't really painted before, you are massively ahead.  

It's time to feel the thrill of being able to paint brilliantly - you have it for life.  You'll get big sales prices  You'll start creating subjects beyond what you imagined.
Let's say it straight: You can't create your best artworks without knowing all of the techniques. 
"Techniques" refers to the way you put paint on canvas. There are 12 advanced fine art techniques, you can get them all here. You get them in detail and you get given the ways to combine them. This is where you'll find them.

What is the "Danger Zone" ?

Learn to paint sophisticated paintings easily

Don't believe it's easy to use advanced techniques?  See art instructor Robert take you through his online  courses!  See why you achieve so much and why these courses are so different.

Budget Price Course.  Comprehensive Course. Both available now.  

What is your artistic experience?  Have you painted before?


But some subjects, and some effects are eluding you. You just can't seem to get them, no matter how much you try.  Advanced techniques are very rarely taught, so it's no fault of yours that you don't yet have them.  There's no doubt you don't have all the techniques available, because if you did, you'd be thrilled by being able to create those subjects, and produce those effects.  Without knowing these extra techniques you will never be able to create the works you wish to, and are capable of painting. It's like trying to make a sandwich without the bread - everything falls apart and doesn't work properly. 


You don't know it yet, but you are massively ahead.  You're not carrying any baggage or poor habits from being "taught".  These habits can be hard to break.  In fact, it's usually harder for someone who is already painting and who wasn't taught advanced technique to break their habits and change their approach than it is to actually learn the advanced techniques.  Each technique is extremely simple to do. They combine naturally to create awesome effects.  But if you've were taught by someone who doesn't know them, then like so many you would by force of habit be wanting to revert back to your default way of painting.  These people make it more difficult than it is, simply because they're already painting, already having difficulty, so they naturally think that creating awesome artworks is difficult. Or - that widespread cop-out - that it requires talent. Have a look at how easy it is to use a technique and you'll see that anyone can do it.  Thus, with your uncluttered and unspoiled starting point, you are ready to fly.  Beginners often achieve far more quickly, and far more awesomely, than existing artists.  Definitely consider yourself lucky you're in the right place now.


Let's guess.  Someone in your family paints, or painted, and you have access to their paints.  Or you did art at school.  Or you painted years ago and life got in the way.  There are a hundred reasons as to why you stopped painting, but only one reason why you started: you wanted to paint. You wanted to see what you could do. You wanted all the benefits of feeling thrilled by creating a work of art, by sharing those artworks with friends and family, or even with the public.  Or you just wanted a private, personal way of expressing who you are, what you feel, what you believe in, what you can see. Chances are that something will come along to stop you from painting again, but one thing is for certain: if you have taken a short amount of time to learn advanced oil painting techniques, and spent a little time exploring how you like to combine them, you'll be getting results on canvas that give you those thrills.  That's going to make it a lot, lot harder to stop.  Especially if you suddenly see that you can start getting the big rewards that come from creating as you first imaged, or hoped.  You may even find the wonderful truth that creating exceptional works of art IS life, it IS living, it IS getting the most out of being who you are.

Where and how do I get the 12 techniques?

You get the basic information about the techniques right here on this website, as well as their names and a brief bit of info about what they do. We have also provided a free tutorial for you to see some of them in action - these are designed for you to paint along with the videos and watch your artwork advance dramatically.  But please bear in mind that this tutorial is a free, basic production and doesn't carry the full power of our Online Art Courses or DVDs.

So if you really want to change your life, and get the thrilling personal satisfaction, the big sales, the accolades and social joys of creating advanced works of art, you can enrol in your choice of one of Robert's art courses - the most comprehensive and effective you can get, and all made very easy for you.  You'll find the cost of the course better than reasonable, too.

Would it be worth the cost of a course if you received:

  • Far higher prices, and more frequent sales, for your paintings,
  • Quicker and surer acceptance into galleries,
  • Enormous recognition for your work,
  •  Intensely rewarding personal, private satisfaction,
  • Wider circulation of your work through word-of-mouth, social media, and amongst buyers and collectors (they brag about what they buy!)

But I already have techniques. I was taught techniques.

At best, you probably have three.  Maybe, if you are rarely fortunate, you will have four techniques.  There are 12!  But it's not your fault you have only a few - they're just not taught. They're not even taught in major art institutions. Have a look through the techniques page and you'll see ways of putting paint on canvas that you haven't heard of or seen before.  Or have a look through the Online Course contents to see what you now have available for you: the tools to paint like a pro.  Try it now!

The music analogy

Here's a quick comparison - to create music you need the notes and scales. Imagine trying to create a musical piece with only three notes. The composition would be limited and you would be frustrated. It's the same with your art. If you feel you are not achieving your best works, and are frustrated, and not getting the results on canvas you hoped for, it's because you don't have all the ingredients to use. And you won't sell for anything other than low prices. There are 12 techniques.  Each is very easy to do, just as easy as hitting a note on a piano.  Try it now!

Your satisfaction and your sales

Your creative satisfaction, and your results - as well as your buyers - depend on your ability to put paint on canvas. Once you get all 12 techniques you have all the power in your fingertips. You get satisfaction beyond what you expect, and your buyers will pay big money to have your paintings.  Your art will stand out instantly from other artworks around it.  Knowing the 12 techniques will massively develop your art, and your career, and enrich your life. Try it now!

But surely it is difficult to do, isn't it!

Learning the 12 techniques is easy. You are provided here with the most comprehensive art instruction on the market. You are taken step by step through detailed explanations and demonstrations without comparison. You don't miss a thing. And it's made extremely easy for you. We've done all the hard work to get the techniques to you. Remember, complex works of art occur naturally by using combinations of very simple techniques, bit by bit. The moment you see the techniques you'll begin seeing how they naturally combine, all by themselves, to create complex effects. 

In fact, it's easier to create advanced and powerful works of art, than it is to struggle with poor techniques. Using poor techniques, or using only a few of the techniques, you will be forever looking for ways to create what you want. You'll be wasting not only your time, but your materials. And the big selling and exhibiting opportunities will not be available for you. Try it now!

Creating in your unique style 

When you use advanced techniques your paintings will possess the magic and mystery of your unique creativity, and you can paint any subject any way you want, with confidence and power, and ease. You get very good, very quickly. And your family, friends and buyers will notice immediately that your are creating true art, and that you are not in the low-position professional or hobby category. And it keeps getting better for you, as you continue, with all the available uses of paint, any way you like. The sky is the limit once you have the ingredients to use. You will not be a puppet to someone else's style, or simply following what they do. You choose the techniques you want, once you know them, and you choose the combinations you want.  These combinations begin appearing right from the start.  The effects occur naturally, all by themselves.  Your style will immediately show.

The way you combine the techniques gives your art its complete authenticity. This is your true style. (Often the term "Fine Art" is used just because someone puts paint on canvas - in fact, that "Fine Art" is often just craft, or at best basic quality.) You will be creating true Fine Art and the results will set your art aside from the lesser forms. No one else can do what you do.   Try it now!

Do I have to use all of the 12 techniques in every painting?

Definitely not.  Actually, this question highlights one of the unhelpful misconceptions about learning advanced oil painting techniques.  People who haven't done the course and yet consider themselves knowledgeable presume that knowing the 12 techniques is a "way of painting".  They think it's a style of painting.  Nothing is further from the truth.  

The truth is this.  When you know all of the techniques available for you to use, you are EMPOWERED and FULLY INFORMED about which techniques you want to use to create a particular effect, or produce a particular painting.  The point is YOU ARE MAKING A KNOWLEDGEABLE CHOICE.  Thus, by knowing which techniques to use for a particular painting, and which ones not to use, you can best create to your most powerful.  You may in fact use only one technique for a particular painting you want to do - but you are choosing that technique because you KNOW that no others will do what you want for that painting.  Or to say it another way, if you don't know what you're missing, how can you possibly be making the best choice for each of the paintings you want to do.

Once you know all twelve, you choose whichever ones you want that best expresses your vision. Try it now!

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